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Osram 64638 LXX halogen tungsten bulb 24V100W surgical shadowless lamp NAED 54252

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Model: 64638 HLX
Specification: 24V100W
Lamp foot: G6.35
Lumen: 2900lm
Filament height: 30mm
Total length: 50mm
Diameter: 13mm
Service life: 300H

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Introducing the excellent OSRAM 64638 LXX tungsten halogen bulb, the ultimate choice for surgical shadowless lamps. This high-quality bulb is specially designed for medical procedures, providing excellent visibility and precision throughout the procedure. With its great features and outstanding performance, the Osram 64638 LXX is an essential part in any medical environment.

Featuring a powerful 24V100W specification, the bulb delivers a bright light output of 2900 lumens, ensuring excellent brightness without compromising accuracy. The G6.35 lamp feet are easy to install and replace, allowing medical professionals to maintain and operate the lamp smoothly.

One of the main highlights of the Osram 64638 LXX is its long lifespan of 300 hours. This means significantly less frequent replacements, uninterrupted surgical procedures and less downtime for equipment maintenance. With its durable construction and reliable lifetime, this bulb is sure to meet the demands of the most demanding medical practices.

The filament height of 30 mm ensures an optimized beam and shadow-free illumination, providing the surgeon with a clear, unobstructed view of the operating field. With an overall length of 50mm and a diameter of 13mm, the bulb is compact and easy to fit into different lamp models, ensuring compatibility and versatility.

OSRAM, a trusted name in lighting solutions, has designed the 64638 HLX tungsten-halogen bulb using cutting-edge technology and strict quality standards. This ensures consistent performance, excellent color rendering and superior light distribution, key elements for increased surgical precision and efficiency.

In summary, the OSRAM 64638 LXX tungsten-halogen bulb is the perfect choice for surgical shadowless lamps with excellent brightness, longevity and reliability. With its top-of-the-line functionality and impeccable performance, this lamp guarantees optimal lighting conditions for medical procedures. Trust OSRAM to meet all your lighting needs and experience an unprecedented difference in surgical lighting.

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