• 1427-262

Original Osram 64258-C 12V 20W with UV biochemical instrument light source Halogen lamp

Short Description:

Brand: OSRAM
Model: 64258-C
Specification: 12V20W
Lamp foot: G4
Filament height: 19.5mm
Total length: 30mm
Diameter: 9mm
Lumen: 350lm
Service life: 2000H
Origin: Germany

Product Detail

Product Tags

Industrial testing equipment: such as magnifying glass, microscope, projector, optical aperture detector, surface roughness detector, etc;
Industrial production equipment: SMT machines, infrared welding machines, machine tool local lighting, machine display screens, etc;
Display equipment: Magic lantern, film projector, microfilm reader, etc;
Fiber optic equipment: endoscopes, cold light sources, color amplifiers, etc;
Medical equipment: biochemical analyzers, optical microscopes, polarizing microscopes, laboratory surgical microscopes, surgical shadowless lamps, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, endoscopes, slit lamps, ophthalmic examination equipment, etc.

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