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OSRAM light source 64002 TECAN space enzyme marker bulb 12V20W

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Brand: OSRAM
Model: 64002
Origin: Germany
Voltage: 12V
Power: 20W
Lamp foot: K23D
Applicable model: TECAN SPECTRA-III enzyme marker

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Introducing the OSRAM Light Source 64002 TECAN Space Enzyme Labeling Bulb – a superior lighting solution designed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of laboratory instruments. This high quality light bulb is from the well-known brand OSRAM, known in the lighting industry for its innovation and reliability. The model number of this bulb is 64002, which guarantees superior performance and long-lasting durability.

OSRAM Light Source 64002 comes from Germany and is the product of exquisite engineering and strict quality control. It is precision crafted to the highest standards, ensuring optimum brightness and clarity for a wide range of laboratory applications.

The bulb operates at 12V and consumes 20W, providing efficiency without compromising lighting. The lamp base of the bulb is K23D, which can be safely and stably installed in the TECAN SPECTRA-III enzyme labeling instrument model.

OSRAM Light Source 64002 is specially designed for TECAN SPECTRA-III enzyme markers and is very suitable for this instrument. Its seamless compatibility ensures seamless integration, enabling scientists and researchers to conduct experiments with the highest precision and accuracy.

The bulb’s excellent color spectrum and intensity allow scientists to efficiently visualize and differentiate a wide range of markers and enzymes. Its consistent and reliable performance guarantees accurate readings and analysis.

In addition, OSRAM Light Source 64002 is able to withstand the rigors of a laboratory environment. With its sturdy structure and high-quality materials, it can easily withstand various temperature fluctuations and vibrations, ensuring a longer service life.

In summary, the OSRAM Light Source 64002 TECAN Space Enzyme Marker Bulb is a top lighting solution for laboratory instruments, engineered with the highest precision and backed by the reputable OSRAM brand. Its high-quality construction, seamless compatibility, and superior performance make it an indispensable tool for scientists and researchers in the field of enzymology. Trust the OSRAM Light Source 64002 to illuminate your experiments and obtain reliable results.

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