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STORZ XENON NOVA 300 20134020 Y1100-611 Cold Light Source Host Xenon Lamp

Short Description:

Original version: Y1100-611
Substitute: PE300BFA
Technology: Short arc xenon lamp
Voltage: 13.5V
Power: 300W
Color temperature: 5600K
Origin: United States
Life: 500 hours
Applicable to: Stoss STORZ

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Brand: Excelitas/Acerida (formerly the lighting and detection solutions (IDS) business unit of PerkinElmer was renamed as Excelitas Technologies Corp)

Advantages compared to Singapore produced under the same brand as PE300BFA in Y1100-611:
1. Fine appearance technology
2. Sapphire glass transparent mirror, more stable color temperature
3. Reinforced light reflector, with purer brightness
4. More advanced long-life electrode design, with more stable working performance

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