Ushio UXL175BF Xenon Lamp

Ushio UXL175BF Xenon Lamp

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Electrical CHaracteristics:

Type Ushio UXL300BF
Watts 175 W
Voltage 12.5 V
Constant 14 A
Current Range 12.5-16 A


Arc Gap 1.1mm
Spectral type Ozone Free
Window Diameter 25.4mm
Reflector Parabola
Warranty Life 500hrs
Useful Life time 1000hrs

Initial Output:

Radiant Output 30 W
Visible Output 1900 LM
Visible Output(5mm Aperture) 950 LM
Color Temperture 6100 K

Operating Conditiont(Lamp):

Burn Position Horizontal
Ceramic Body Temperture Max.150°
Base Temperture Max.200°
Forced Cooling Necessary

Operating Conditiont(Power Supply):

Current Ripple(P-P) Max 5%
Igniter Voltage Min.AC23kv
Supply Voltage Min.140V

Ceramic Xenon Lamp and Module:

The USHIO UXR™-175BF Ceramic Xenon lamps are highly efficient, pre-aligned, parabolic reflectorized lamps for use in numerous scientific, medical and industrial illumination applications. The UXR features strong output reliability over life, highly stable 6100K color temperature, a compact and rugged ceramic to metal seal manufactured body and new window protection design. Manufactured at our ISO-certified plant, all UXR lamps are built to high quality standards for consistent and reliable performance


• Rugged Compact Design
• Broad Continuous Spectral Output, High Color Rendering
• Superior Lumen Maintenance with Improved Ignition Reliability
• Demanding Quality Control and Manufacturing Aspects Produce Highly Consistent Lamp to Lamp Replacement Performance
• New Window Design Protects Against Scratching and Surface Contamination

• Endoscopy
• Surgical Headlights
• Microscopy
• Borescopy
• Spectroscopy
• Visible/Infrared Searchlights
• Machine Vision
• Solar Simulation
• Projection

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